The Angora Goats

 The goat of Angora is a goat original of the province of Ankara, in Turkey, which derives its name. Immagine 726The first example of this animal arrived in europe probably around the middle of the “500” with Charles V. Famouses for the beautiful goat wool, mohair that the Turkish “mukhyar”, a term that is used to indicate the most valuable fleece.

Immagine 737

Each copy will produce between 5 and 8 kg per year. The Angora goats are mow twice a year in March and September, unlike many other goat breeds that require a single mowing. For many centuries of Angora goats for the Turks were a valuable asset to be protected through official Sultani bans the sale of live animals outside the borders of the country. Today, breeding of this goat is very common, as well as the country of origin, in South Africa and the United States. Even in Europe is raised (France, England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland) although volumes fiber products are very modest. It is a goat of small size, with spiral horns in the male and female in the back straight, the fleece is usually white and shiny, too long to 25 cm. Researched in cooking for the meat tender and always taste much less wild than other national races.

Immagine 721Our flock, derived from high quality garments purchased in France, is now composed of some forty tame animals, all in good health.