Alpaca Wool

Immagine 632The fiber fleece of the alpaca is famous for its lightness, its thermal characteristics and the particular sensation to the touch, similar to silk. The Alpaca is the only animal world that produces wool in a great variety of colors from pure white to fulvo, the whole range of brown and beige, until black coal, more than 22 natural colors. It has no lanolin and does not cause allergic reactions, as well tolerated when borne directly on the skin. It is therefore shown in the intimate apparel of babies.

Immagine 1240The annual production procapite ranges from about 2.5 kilograms for the female to over 4 kg for male largest. The wool “Cria” (little of Alpaca) is even more valuable for its brilliance and subtlety of the first mowing. The clothing wool for the Alpaca are universally appreciated for their lightness and large thermal capacity. Heads are intended to last because hardly ruin, stain or create static electricity. Compared with the sheep’s wool, Alpaca fiber is three times more resistant, seven times hotter and much softer and lighter. Not surprisingly, fabrics made with natural fiber that were once reserved for Inca emperors wear.