The Mohair

Angora wool is the fiber obtained from the processing of the hair of angora rabbit, while defines Mohair fiber obtained from the processing of the hair of Angora goat.

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The word comes from Arabic mohair “mukhayyar”, which means precisely “choice”. The most valuable type of Angora goat has a coat color milk, but there are also varieties black, brown and pink. The mohair, curled less than the merino wool, and a glossy white and transparent, like merino wool, has coibenza heat, elasticity and resistance. The diameter of mohair varies between 24 and 60 microns, depending on the age of the animal from which it is derived. Wool young animals is used for quality products increased, while that of animals older, thicker and durable, is used for carpets and fabrics resistant.


The Kid Mohair fleece derived from the kid is the fiber fabrics used for most purposes. It has a high gloss and a wonderful softness and silky appearance that distinguish it from normal mohair. The mohair is one of the types of yarn oldest and its properties riflessive, is often mixed with other yarns less valuable for improving the quality of the finished product. Another factor that makes the mohair valuable is the ability to be stained the color is uniform and strong, well fixed in fiber.