Our company is located in Villagrossa, near Calice al Cornoviglio, located in Val di Vara, in the Ligurian. This is the valley’s largest province of La Spezia.

Known as the “Valley of the circle towns, where the streets, squares and houses winding around the church or castle, according to the original scheme enveloping typical medieval age is characterised by a succession of villages perched on peaks wooded, medieval villages, castles, churches, shrines and mills.

Here man since ancient times, is complicit in the nature, dedicated to agriculture and farming. Today the rural activities pay the bond with the inhabitants of their land, famous for its typical and biological products.

Villagrossa is easily accessible whether they come from Genoa, Livorno and Parma thanks to the nearby highway.

Our company is located in Villagrossa No. 61 and the satellite coordinates are as follows:
Latitude: N 44 ° 15 ‘16790”
Longitude: East 9 49 57544”

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