Breeding and selling alpacas and angora in italy!

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A Calice alpaca lives as at the top of the Andes from the Andes to Villagrossa di Calice al Cornoviglio. On the trail of alpaca wool and valuable. Strictly made in Val di Vara. In this adventure Georgia Maghelli, has played his future like entrepreneur. Farming of alpaca and angora goats with the production of valuable lane in the microclimate of Calice. Quota six hundred metres. Reality alone in Liguria. She worked in La Spezia. But she wanted to make other experiences. Start something that was not already in her valley. Then the documentary on alpaca and the concepts to take shape. Trips to Switzerland to test a project. Thousands of data, accelerated courses, full of information. It can be done! A chain of wool with stables and adequate local processing of raw materials. Becoming the flock, the precious revenues yarn and you do work to the locals. At eleven copies of the first choice, long neck, face from puppies originating in Peru and two llamas, two in all, dedicated to trekking, economic resources of support. A symphony of warm colors, brown, hazelnut clear up to a grey rose, last fortuitous intersection. You look at the aspect of the animal and is thought to micron wool. Then of angora goats, rare and difficult to acquire, to produce the precious mohair, but with the determination of Georgia, nothing is impossible and the dream turns into a wonderful reality.